About the Artist

I began painting at the age of eleven. Looking back, besides portraits, my early subjects were often visionary or somewhat out-of-the-body perspectives. All this made sense when decades later, my Father told me that while I was being born, he was picking out my casket, as I had been pronounced dead. His statement validated my sense of one-foot-in/one-foot-out.
Formal studies in Fine Art at the University of Wisconsin, and Conceptual Art at San Francisco State University, were augmented with day jobs, working with architects, engineers, a lighting designer, and an urban planner to cite a few. This experience gave me a balance of the ethereal and the grounding attention to structural detail.
Having worked in a variety of media; oil, glass, fabric, and metal to name a few, my recent work is primarily painting portraits and murals in acrylic.

"The intention behind my work is simply to lift the spirit."